Angel Messages and Divine Guidance

Received by The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie for YOU!

If you have questions like the ones in the video, an Angel Message will be PERFECT for you!

I know you will laugh at this outrageous guarantee.  This is my "7 minute" money back guarantee.  

If we are not a "match" with working together, I will know within the first 7 minutes of our session.  I will gladly and quickly refund your payment.  (This is rare but it has happened 2 times in the last 20 years.)


Barbara Marie enjoys being the bridge between you and your angels. You will receive great comfort in knowing the answers to your questions.

You may benefit from having a new sense of belonging and know that YOUR life matters.  Receiving information on your life purpose and how to live it, is very common in these sessions.  If you wonder about your loved ones that have passed away, you will be given clarity on that.

The angels are here to help us, and Barbara Marie will be able to show you how your angels are helping YOU.

You will receive empowering thoughts and belief in yourself like never before. Your angels see you as beautiful and perfect, as in God's eyes.

Let them share their messages with YOU!

Step forward and say YES, to an Angel Message session today.


We honor your "YES" to step forward and receive your Divine Guidance session.

Divine Guidance/Angel Message Sessions   $133.00 (U.S. Funds) 

Once payment has been made, you will see a pop-up to our THANK YOU page which gives you a link to Barbara Marie's calendar.  You can book your appointment on that calendar.   PayPal will also confirm your payment.  If you have any problems with this-  email Barbara Marie at

Blessings, We will be of service to you soon.


What a Few of Our Amazing Clients Have to Say ...

Heather Haynes (Canada)

I have had many sessions with Barbara Marie. Each time it has been a life changing experience.  The love that flowed from the Language of Light always stays with me for many days.  I have learned so much about who I am and what my gifts are. The session that stands out the most was the one where my Mother came through to tell me how proud she is of me, and of the many areas that I am going to play a part in this life time. The love, support and caring that I feel is beyond anything that you will ever experience. I would like to take this time to thank Barbara Marie for always putting the client first in each of these sessions.

Heather Haynes (Canada)
Kate Maxwell (U.S.A.)

A divine guidance session with Barbara Marie is a soul opening experience. If you have ever wondered what your angels and guides are longing to tell you about the special mission you were sent to earth to accomplish, call Barbara Marie. She takes the experience of connecting to your spiritual helpers to a level unlike any I have ever experienced. She brings forth not only information but a profound sense of love and peace. If you have had trouble seeing the forest for the trees, consider working with Barbara Marie. The seeds of information you receive continue to grow long after the session ends. Each session is unique. After all, your life mission, your angels and the information they want to share is distinct for you. You are left with a sense of wonder, love and possibility.

Kate Maxwell (U.S.A.)
Anne Ryan (Canada)

Working with Barbara Marie is an incredible experience. Her insight and ability to share her knowledge is something to experience over and over again.

I am always amazed at how clearly she can ask questions and/or give answers to them. Her communication style is straightforward and that helps her to lead people from where they are to find their higher selves. I am constantly amazed at her grace in working with people.

If you ever work with Barbara Marie, I am certain that you will walk away with greater self knowledge and an understanding of your essence  and life purpose.

Anne Ryan (Canada)
Lumi (Greece)

Thank you so much Barbara Marie, for our soulful connection today! I am so blessed to have met you, you are a Messenger of God and you came into my life at the right moment! Thank you for bringing JOY into the world! You ARE the Angel Lady! I was just listening to the activations on the Language of Light site… WOW, WOW, WOW! Just what I needed to hear…. amazing! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Lumi (Greece)

Just a few more kind words...

  • As the angels said “ I can now see myself with new eyes. With God’s eyes.”  I am so surprised at how this session  opened my eyes.  This was my third session and I can really see how they have changed my life and my family life too.  I feel that I am a better wife and mother now.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Barbara Marie.

  • I felt so loved, so warm and cozy Barbara Marie. I want to feel that every day now that I know my angels are with me all the time.

  • Thank for our session today. I can now move forward on this new project.  I know exactly what to do next… and then after that happy now!!!

  • It is so wonderful to know that Arch Angel Michael can help me with that one issue that has been bothering me for 10 years! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Barbara Marie.  You are truly a gift from God.

  • I feel happier and stronger now than I have for many years. Thank you.

As you can see Barbara Marie is in harmony with her own Guidance by the Holy Spirit and her own personal Spiritual Team of helpers. She is most passionate about spirituality and spiritual growth. If you choose to take part in any of Barbara Marie's products and services, know that you are not just getting the benefit of Barbara Marie's wisdom and knowledge but also that of her whole spiritual team.