Who is your Guardian Angel?
Would you like to know?

Will you allow me to be the bridge between you and your angels?

5 Reasons to Receive a personal Angel Message today!

  • Your Angels communicate clear truth to you in a way that your friends and family cannot. They offer you choices and guidance.
  • The angelic realm presents the Truth with ease and simplicity. When seeking answers, Your Angels will be able to offer you solutions that you and others may have overlooked.
  • Divine guidance is available to answer your questions NOW. No more wasting time and money trying to determine what your next step should be.
  • Your Angels can see with distance and perspective what great steps you can achieve and, with their gentle guidance to direct you, you can achieve goals you’ve never yet dreamed of!
  • Angels are able to send you vibrational healing that cover the areas of body, mind and spirit as you need it.

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Barbara Marie's life mission is to assist holistic practitioners, lightworkers, and spiritual seekers to strengthen their spiritual connection, increase their gifts and expand their services to the world.

Your Angel Message session MAY include...


~ Feelings of being loved and supported.

Once you are able to connect with the Angelic Realm, you will automatically feel loved, supported and nurtured.  This naturally happens as you are able to feel the higher vibrations.

~ The name of an angel that is helping you now.

This is important because you will want to learn to recognize the various angels that are helping you.

~ How this angel is helping you.

You have some angels for life, and others that we call "project" angels. It is helpful to you to know who is the most important angel in your life right now and what they are helping you with.

~ Any messages they wish you to have.

Sometimes there is an important message that you need to hear regarding a current situation that is affecting your life right now.

~ Any healing needed at this time.

This may include physical, mental or spiritual healing.  Sometimes healing is needed to release pain, or to dissolve a block that we may have in order to move forward.

~ Guidance in the form of life lessons.

Sometimes we just need a little advice from the higher realms.

~ Suggestions for increasing your spiritual connection.

You may be given some spiritual tools that will help you naturally increase love for yourself and others.


Greatly Impressed Clients

Heather Haynes, Heather's Healing Home

I have had many sessions with Barbara Marie. The one that stands out the most was the one where my Mother came through to tell me how proud she is of me, and of the many areas that I am going to play a part in this life time. The love, support and caring that I feel is beyond anything that you will ever experience.

Anne Ryan, Senior Coach at Positive Connections, Inc.

Working with Barb is an incredible experience. Her insight and ability to share her knowledge is something to experience over and over again. If you ever work with Barb, I am certain that you will walk away with greater self- knowledge as well as an understanding of your essence or soul and life purpose.

Vanessa Bey

I feel that Barbara Marie has a gift of connecting to a higher vibration and sharing her gift with people who have been on the path of creation for a while. I feel this because I had Divine Guidance Session with Barbara Marie, and as it was happening I could FEEL the sensations pulsating though out my body. It was resonating with me on a level which I had never experienced.  I know I was in a Higher Vibration of Creativity after our session.

Kate Maxwell, The LifeLine Technique™

A divine guidance session with Reverend Barbara Marie is a soul opening experience.  If you have ever wondered what your angels and guides are longing to tell you about the special mission you were sent to earth to accomplish, call Barbara Marie.  She takes the experience of connecting to your spiritual helpers to a level unlike any I have ever experienced.  She brings forth not only information but a profound sense of love and peace.


Hello New Friend!

I am so happy to be able to offer you this powerful Angel Message session.

My intention by offering you this session is to assist you by strengthening your spiritual connection, increasing your gifts and expanding your service to the world.

If you are interested in further details of the session, just fill out the form above and the information will come to you by email.

I hope to be of service to you soon.

Barbara Marie Babish