"The quality and clarity of the message Barb gave to me from my Angels gave me a deep connection to the universal wisdom I had been searching for. I do not hesitate to recommend my own clients to her."

"Barb consistently displays a high level of personal integrity and passion for what she does and I have sincerely enjoyed the experience of working with someone who is so spiritually evolved."

Who is your Guardian Angel?
Would you like to know?

Angels are here to help us, BUT we do need to ask for help first.

Will you allow me to be the bridge between you and your angels?



In this special ANGEL MESSAGE session with Barbara Marie you will receive a specific type of an angel message.  You will receive:

-  the name of an angel that is helping you now

(This is important because you will want to learn to recognize the various angels that are helping you.)

-  how that angel is helping you (You have some angels for life, and others that we call "project" angels.

 (It is helpful to you to know who is the most important angel in your life right now and what they are helping you with.)

-  and any messages that they wish you to have

(Sometimes there is an important message that you need to hear regarding a current situation that is affecting your life right now.)

-  any healing needed at the time

(You may have blocks that will be dissolved with a healing.)

-  any suggestions they have regarding a life of joy and abundance

(Sometimes you just need a little advice from the higher realms.)

-  any suggestions they have for increasing your spiritual life

(You may be given some spiritual tools that will help you naturally increase love for yourself and others.)

  This is a session that lasts about 50-60 minutes and gives you an angel to continue working with after the session is over
. You will receive other information that you need in the moment to experience a transformative life.  This particular session is very powerful.


This service will support you in creating a deeper connection to your angels and your spiritual life.  You may also start to  receive healing in the areas discussed in your session.

 This Angel Message Session may lead you to: 

-a powerful connection to help you find your life purpose to live a fulfilled life

-a deeper sense of spirituality to experience greater peace and joy

-greater balance and well-being in your daily life

 -more empowering thoughts and beliefs to give you confidence and clarity

-a more passionate way of living your life

- hope, peace and joy which are natural consequences of this session


These sessions will take place over the phone. More details will be given once you register for the session.

Please use the registration page to REGISTER and Barbara Marie will contact you soon.


Many blessings, Barbara Marie