Angel Messages

Received by The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie for YOU!

Please meet our Visionary:  Reverend Barbara Marie Babish

Hi there, I am Barbara Marie, The Inner Guidance Expert, Mystic, Visionary, Healing Facilitator, Facilitator Language of Light, wife, mother and grandmother.

I love living an hour from the city on our 160 acres of rolling hills, bush and pasture.  We all love watching the beaver build their dams and we enjoy the waterfalls they create.  There is just something special about being outside in the middle of natural surroundings.  Ahhh, it brings me the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I have been on my conscious spiritual journey since 1980 but really accelerated my progress when I was looking for help with migraine headaches. After having sessions with Therapeutic Touch and Reiki I decided to learn them both to help others as I had been helped.

Over the past many years, with the help of many spiritual courses and retreats, my own spiritual gifts have grown rapidly and consistently. I have been able to connect with angels, guides and other spiritual beings for more than 18  years.

Today I enjoy sharing all of my spirituality in my client sessions. The Language of Light has been a sacred gift for almost forty years and has touched the lives of those around me in a powerful way. It flows through me in all areas of my spiritual work.  This is an extra special benefit to my clients.

My life purpose is to provide a safe space for others to:

Explore their spiritual connection,

Expand their experience of it and

Express it to the world!

My angels and guides are like close friends to me and when you participate in any of my programs or services, please know that my spiritual team is with me!  You receive the best and highest information possible at that moment.

I will enjoy getting to know you and I promise to support you to the best of my ability.

Many blessings,

Barbara Marie Babish B.Msc.